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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  May 5, 2020

D.C. real estate investor cuts energy use by 3.9%

JBG Smith announced May 1 that in 2019 they successfully reduced energy consumption by 3.9% and greenhouse gas emissions by 3.6%.

The Washington, D.C. real estate investment company saw a drop in energy use across their portfolio by implementing energy-saving projects such as LED retrofits, occupancy lighting sensors, low-flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures, HVAC equipment replacements, automation systems and the implementation of Real-Time Energy Data and Analysis Platforms.

Across their portfolio, 9 million square feet of building space has been LEED certified and 5 million square feet has been ENERGY STAR certified, according to their 2019 ESG report.

“JBG SMITH has long demonstrated its commitment to sustainable practices through its focus on walkable, transit-oriented mixed-use developments throughout its considerable portfolio in the region,” Kimberly Pexton, Vice President of Sustainability at JBG SMITH, said in a statement. “This report delves even deeper into both the sustainability goals and milestones reached, while also discussing our role as a responsible member of the community and a trustworthy employer. The expansion of our sustainability report to include all aspects of ESG reporting more thoroughly highlights the high standards and achievements that have made us a leader in our field.”

Moving forward, JBG Smith plans to continue its work to reduce the efficiency of the transportation sector and in 2019 partnered with local jurisdictions to advance the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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