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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  May 11, 2020

New Jeep models found to improve environmental impact

Jeep announced May 11 that their Wrangler Unlimited model was found to have a Global Warming Potential 15% lower than that of its predecessor and accounts for emissions reduction equivalent to those produced by three passenger vehicles. 

The redesigned-for-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was examined by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles using industry-standard software that looks at factors like the environmental impact of fuel production and delivery, material use and the vehicle’s own fuel consumption. During this analysis, FCA determined that each new Wrangler Unlimited has the potential over its lifetime to account for emissions reduction equivalent to the emissions produced by burning 7.7 tons of coal.

"This is the outcome we expect when we launch a new vehicle," Mitch Clauw, FCA Vice President and Head of Global Pre-Programs and Program Management, said in a statement. "In all our processes, the mitigation of environmental impact is a baked-in consideration."

These results are measured by contrasting anticipated greenhouse gas emissions with those of comparable vehicles; in this case, the previous-generation Wrangler Unlimited was used. The environmental impact analysis of the car model also took into account material choice, which contributed to the new Wrangler Unlimited’s greener performance. Its ferrous metal content was reduced by 68% to 54% and its non-ferrous metal content was increased from 12% to 20%, which leads to weight resistance and corrosion resistance.

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