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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  June 4, 2020

Shell pursues methane emissions monitoring project

Shell awarded June 4 a framework agreement to Bureau Veritas, who will help the energy company monitor, quantify and control methane emissions in pursuit of their goal to maintain methane emissions intensity below 0.2% by 2025.

Shell will use this partnership to consider solutions from experts in regards to the detection of leaks across their assets by using Bureau Veritas’ Leak Detection and Repair solutions to reduce risk, improve reliability and optimize the efficiency of industrial assets. This technology includes Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), laser and ultrasonic technologies and the use of drones to optimize inspections.

According to IEA, Methane emissions are a major component of indirect greenhouse gas emissions generated along the oil and gas value chain.

“At Bureau Veritas, we support a climate change mitigation-oriented strategy while supporting the development of activities in the Energy sector,” Bruno Ferreyra, Executive Vice President of Oil & Gas Service Line for Bureau Veritas, said in a statement. “Leak detection management is a crucial operation to help reconcile these challenges by improving the health and safety of employees, minimizing environmental impact and improving energy efficiency.”

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