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Commercial, GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 5, 2020

Spanish winery hits 30% emissions reduction target one year early

Familia Torres, a Spanish wine producer, achieved its 2020 goal of reducing carbon emissions per bottle by 30% a year ahead of schedule through supply chain management and the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures and has set a new emissions goal.

The family-owned Penedès-based winery achieved this emissions reduction in 2019 from a 2008 baseline. Now, they have targeted a 55% reduction of emissions per bottle compared to 2008 levels by 2030.

Scope 3 emissions, which come from suppliers of raw materials, packaging and distribution, make up almost 90% of the winery’s carbon footprint. By working with suppliers with a low carbon footprint, they were able to significantly reduce their emissions.

The winery has implemented projects such as a biomass boiler at their flagship winery, which cut gas consumption by 95%. Additionally, they have an on-site solar array and source 1,500 kW of solar energy for their various wineries across Spain. Familia Torres has also converted 80% of their vehicle fleet to hybrid or electric and purchased a solar-electric train for winery tours.

“We made an enormous effort to reach our emissions reduction target, which we considered very ambitious at the time,” President Miguel Torres said in a statement. “Now is the moment to push for even more ambitious environmental actions to mitigate global warming and protect winegrowing from its effects.”

The winery has also supported carbon capture projects like a reforestation project in Chilean Patagonia and the use of Carbon Capture Reuse technology to capture and reuse the carbon released during wine fermentation.

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