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GHG Emissions, Regulation  -  June 10, 2020

Rocky Mountain Institute recommends path for green stimulus post-COVID

Rocky Mountain Institute released June 10 a report detailing four key opportunities for establishing a green stimulus and climate-related solutions as a way for short- and long-term economic recovery following the pandemic.

The full US Stimulus Strategy: Recommendations for a Zero-Carbon Economic Recovery includes a series of six research papers. The first report, Global Stimulus Principles, identifies the four programs that could be used for planning and evaluating stimulus efforts.

The first program that RMI advocates for is a building retrofit program to catalyze unprecedented building improvements. Second is investing in infrastructure that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists and public transport while supporting a transition to electric vehicles.

The third program is a financial incentive program that provides debt forgiveness based on verifiable emissions reductions. The last program outlined in Global Stimulus Principles includes creating a federal entity dedicated to financing clean energy and infrastructure projects.

"These recommendations represent RMI's perspective on programs we should prioritize now because of their potential to stimulate job growth immediately while accelerating long-term decarbonization of the US economy," Ben Holland, senior associate at RMI, said in a statement.

RMI will next release four more reports in the coming weeks that outline recommendations for green stimulus specifically for China, India, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.

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