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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  July 6, 2020

Darigold commits to carbon neutrality in farming

Darigold and the Northwest Dairy Association announced June 30 that they plan to be carbon neutral by 2050 through investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

To improve the efficiency of the Northwest farmer-owned cooperative’s farms, they plan to invest in projects like farm-level carbon sequestration projects, modernizing its processing and transportation network and mitigating methane emissions through biological systems or feed additives.

“The co-op had previously announced a goal to reduce carbon emissions 20-30% by 2030, but our organization determined it is not only feasible, but imperative to go all the way and strive for complete carbon neutrality,” Stan Ryan, president and CEO of Darigold, said in a statement. “We know that fiscal and technological hurdles remain, as well as some challenges with yet unknown solutions, but existing stewardship projects have dramatically improved the outlook of achieving carbon neutrality, driving our confidence to announce this goal.”

NDA has been exploring farmer-run projects to lower emissions and are hopeful that they can offer up to 100 million pounds per year of farm-level carbon-neutral milk by 2021.

“Our local farmer-owners want to lead in the spirit of the 102-year-old co-op to set up the next generation of proud and successful farmers,” Ryan said. “Many of the co-op’s nearly 400 farm families are multigenerational. They are dedicated to protecting their natural resources not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also so their children and grandchildren can continue their legacy.”

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