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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 29, 2020

Promega surpasses energy goals ahead of schedule

Promega Corporation announced July 29 that they have achieved all of their environmental goals set for the end of 2020 early, including their goals to reduce carbon emissions by 10% and electricity usage by 2%.

The biotech company reduced their carbon emissions by 13% and electricity use by 5% compared to a 2015 baseline, surpassing their targets set for December 2020. Additionally, distribution emissions were reduced by 6%, surpassing a 5% goal, and natural gas usage was reduced by 12%, surpassing a 10% goal, despite an increase in global building footprint.

“Employees are really driving this effort,” Corey Meek, Promega Corporate Responsibility Program Lead, said in a statement. “Individuals across the company globally are recognizing ways to be more efficient in how we use energy and resources, ship our products and engage with customers. It’s this heightened awareness and synergy that’s propelling an immense amount of progress toward meeting our environmental sustainability goals.”

In their 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report, Promega outlined specific energy-saving projects that they have implemented in their business operations, such as their largest solar array installed on a renovated parking ramp in 2019 that will quadruple their current renewable energy production.

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