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May 18, 2021

2021 Green Lease Leaders Show Sustainability, Cost Savings

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Alliance and the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) announced the 2021 Green Lease Leaders on May 17. Since the Green Lease Leader program started in 2014, the designation recognizes landlords and tenants who modernize their leases, improve energy efficiency, save costs, improve air quality, and boost sustainability in buildings.

This year’s Green Lease Leaders represent building spaces totaling more than two billion square feet (sq. ft.) They include a diverse range of buildings, from small to large commercial offices, and from industrial buildings to data centers. The aggregate floor area of all Green Lease Leaders is now more than four billion sq. ft. of building space.

The IMT estimates that green leases help reduce utility bills by up approximately 50 cents per square foot (22%) in U.S. office buildings alone. If all leased office buildings executed green leases, the market could reap over $3 billion in annual cost savings.

“Green Lease Leaders are helping to set a new standard in the real estate industry. These organizations are demonstrating that landlords and tenants can both benefit from lower energy costs while improving building comfort,” said Maria T. Vargas, Senior Program Advisor at DOE and Director of the Better Buildings Initiative. “We appreciate their partnership and congratulate this year’s winners.”

Click here to see the 2021 Green Lease Leaders.             




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