Cannabis Cultivator Installs LED Grow Lights - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency  -  June 11, 2021

Cannabis Manufacturer Installs LED Lights for Marijuana Cultivation

A Missouri-based cannabis cultivator and manufacturer is lowering its energy usage through the installation of LED lighting throughout its cultivation facility.

Proper Cannabis announced June 10 that it installed LED light fixtures from Fluence by OSRAM across the 20,000 square feet of its vertical medical marijuana cultivation room.

“We observed LED lighting trends for years in Colorado, learning about the power and potential of the technology compared to HPS systems, and brought that knowledge back to our home state—the up-and-coming Missouri market,” Matt LaBrier, COO and co-founder of Proper, said in a statement. “Fluence has always stood out as a leading expert in LED lighting. Partnering with Fluence’s trusted experts has not only produced results that continue to exceed our expectations, but also enabled us to focus intently on efficient cultivation practices that meet our ultimate goal of improving the lives of Missourians through medical cannabis.”

The first harvest after installing the LEDs yielded 10% more biomass than anticipated with approximately 60 grams per square foot. Proper received more than $500,000 in rebates through its use of LED lighting and other facility enhancements, which they then used to fund additional efficiencies and automation processes at the facility.

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