Town of Lancaster Installs Resiliency-Focused Batteries for Traffic Lights - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency  -  June 28, 2021

Town of Lancaster Installs Resiliency-Focused Batteries for Traffic Lights

The Town of Lancaster, N.Y., is addressing the resiliency of the power used in its traffic light system through the installation of backup battery technology.

The town partnered with Viridi Partners on the installation of the first round of Volta FAVEO Traffic Systems. The systems feature lithium-ion battery technology to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power to the town’s business traffic intersections. In the event of grid power interruptions, the system instantaneously powers up, allowing traffic lights, police cameras, and other critical intersection technology to continue operating.

The system will also help the town cut down on emissions by ensuring a smooth flow of traffic without the risk of power disruption, reducing vehicle idling time. It is estimated that an extra 10 seconds of idling can cause more emissions than completely restarting a vehicle’s engine.

“Viridi Parente's technology will reduce carbon emissions by keeping traffic within the town moving efficiently and will keep drivers, pedestrians and emergency personnel safe by ensuring our traffic lights continue working no matter the weather,” Lancaster supervisor Ron Ruffino said in a statement. “The Town of Lancaster plans to install FAVEO systems at another seven intersections over the next year.”

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