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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  September 29, 2021

Valaris Publishes Support for Paris Agreement Targets

Valaris recently released its 2021 Sustainability Report, outlining its intention to set operational emissions targets and chart a path for using technologies to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The offshore drilling company plans to reduce emissions across rigs, facilities and offices by improving efficiency through reporting schemes and environmental management systems. To reach its future emissions reduction goals, the company developed technologies to monitor Scope 1 emissions from drilling rigs in real time in order to benchmark future emission reductions.

Valaris also prioritizes ensuring environmental regulatory requirements are met and conducting routine audits to identify nonconformities. These processes will assist the company in reducing the environmental impact of its drilling operations and improving the efficiency of its facilities and offices.

Its Houston, Texas corporate office is already LEED Silver certified and EPA Energy Star rated and the company uses biodiesel or blended fuels for corporate operations when available. Additionally, in its offices, Valaris has implemented automatic lighting controls and timed use of office heating and cooling to reduce its energy use.

“As a part of the value chain that delivers affordable energy, we recognize the importance of producing that energy responsibly,” Valaris leadership wrote in their ESG Position Statement. “In our business, emissions from our drilling rigs currently represent the largest contributor of atmospheric CO2 and are therefore the target of our near-term sustainability effort.”

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