Hazelwood School District Completes Energy Conservation Project - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency  -  December 9, 2021

Hazelwood School District Completes Energy Conservation Project

The Hazelwood School District announced the completion of its latest phase of work of a decades-long initiative to reduce its overall energy spend and leverage the savings to improve the district’s learning environment. 

During this newest phase of work, Ameresco retrofitted interior and exterior lighting with new LED lighting technology across all 34 buildings within the district. The school district estimates it will save over $1.25 million in cost savings in utilities, operations, and maintenance, which will allow the school district to implement additional academic and infrastructure upgrades.

“The district has been working with Ameresco as a partner for many years to continually improve efficiencies, reduce our energy consumption, and work towards being an energy-responsible school district,” said Christopher Norman, CFO/Assistant Superintendent of finance and facilities in a statement. “We believe the new LED lighting systems will enhance the overall school experience for our students and staff and will allow us to reallocate the savings towards academics and student services.”

The facility upgrades were chosen by implementing Ameresco’s Asset Planner software, which utilizes embedded data to recognize energy savings opportunities. Construction was completed in July of 2021.





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