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January 28, 2022

UN Refugee Camps to Pilot Waste-to-Energy Biogas Systems

The UN will soon be deploying biogas systems at refugee camps in Africa that can convert organic waste into renewable energy for cooking or heating onsite.

The tender was awarded to HomeBiogas, who will provide the technology. Each system is expected to save over 6 tons of CO2 emissions per year by converting waste into energy while diverting waste from landfills.

HomeBiogas will begin its distribution through partnerships in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya.

While organic waste causes sanitary and environmental problems at such refugee camps, the biogas systems offer a solution for treating waste in a sustainable way and at the same time providing for the energy needs of those living in the camps. The project is the result of partnerships between HomeBiogas and organizations such as USAID, EU, UN, International Red Cross, The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, WWF and other projects.

“We are proud that the UN selected HomeBiogas to take on this important project that will have an immense impact on the environment in the refugee camps,” Oshik Efrati, co-founder and CEO of HomeBiogas, said in a statement. “We seek to treat waste in a sustainable way and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in refugee camps around the world.”

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