City of Pittsburgh Sets 2030 Goals - Smart Energy Decisions

GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 31, 2022

City of Pittsburgh Sets 2030 Goals

The city of Pittsburgh set several goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

The Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan 3.0 takes a renewed approach to climate change mitigation by presenting action plans and strategies regarding six key areas: Energy Generation & Distribution, Buildings & End Use Efficiency, Transportation & Land Use, Waste & Resource Recovery, Food & Agriculture, and Urban Ecosystems.  

The plan lays out pathways, strategies, and a framework for achieving Pittsburgh’s GHG reduction goals by the year 2050:

  • 20% GHG Reduction by 2023 
  • 50% GHG Reduction by 2030
  • 80% GHG Reduction by 2050

The other 2030 goals for the city include using 100% renewable electricity, 50% energy use reduction, 100% fossil fuel-free fleet, 50% water use reduction, divestment from fossil fuels, 50% transportation emission reduction, and 100% diversion from landfills.

These goals allow for innovation and collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, according to the city's report.

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