Crestwood Equity Partners Achieves Emission Reduction - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  June 10, 2022

Crestwood Equity Partners Achieves Emission Reduction

Crestwood Equity Partners LP achieved emissions reductions across all categories, with a 9% reduction in Scope 1 emissions, a 34% reduction in Scope 2 emissions, a 19% reduction in GHG emissions intensity and a 30% reduction in methane emissions intensity rate from 2020 levels. 

The company also embarked on its continuous methane monitoring pilot with an objective to better enhance its approach to methane detection. 

Details were provided in Crestwood’s 2021 sustainability report, Real Change. In Real Time.

“Crestwood remains at the forefront of ESG developments in the midstream sector,” said Robert G. Phillips, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Crestwood’s general partner, in a statement. “We lead the Energy Infrastructure Council’s ESG working group to improve industry standardization of ESG metrics, and this year, we are advancing our commitment to climate leadership though participation in Cheniere’s Quantification, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (QMRV) Project. This will enable us to improve the understanding of greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in meaningful improvements in carbon management practices going forward.”

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