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Distributed Energy Resources  -  July 29, 2022

California Energy Commission to Add EV Chargers

The State of California will deploy hundreds of EV chargers at multifamily properties such as apartment buildings and condo complexes across the state.

The State of California will work with ChargePoint, an EV charging network and Charge Across Town to make it easier and cheaper for Californians living in apartments and condos to charge at home.

“As a company that was founded in California and is headquartered here, we’re honored to work with the California Energy Commission and Charge Across Town to build reliable, equitable, and accessible EV charging infrastructure for Californians,” said John Schott, Director, Public Private Partnerships, at ChargePoint in a statement. “Driving electric should be possible for everyone, and this partnership recognizes that charging should be accessible where drivers live, work and play.”

ChargePoint was awarded $4.25 million through the California Energy Commission’s Reliable, Equitable, and Accessible Charging for Multifamily Housing (REACH) program. Under the program, ChargePoint will partner with multifamily property owners and managers to install hundreds of CPF50 and CT4000 electric vehicle charging ports with 75% reserved for buildings in disadvantaged or low-income communities.

Through the project, residents living in these multifamily buildings are expected to drive over 2.7 million electric miles during the five years after the chargers are installed, eliminating more than 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent.


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