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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  September 16, 2022

ProAmpac to Set Emission Goals

ProAmpac, a global leader in flexible packaging and material science, is calculating Scope 1 GHG  emissions across sites and will set GHG gas reduction goals in 2023.

The company plans to offer a sustainable alternative for 100% of their products by 2025.

Details were provided in its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

“ProAmpac has always worked ethically and responsibly in our business practices and our sustainable product mission, along with the ESG strategies we’ve developed, are transformative,” said Greg Tucker, Founder and CEO of ProAmpac, in a statement. “Our material scientists, packaging engineers and university partnerships place us ahead of our peers in innovating for a sustainable world. In addition, we have invested in our Collaboration & Innovation Center (CIC), Quality team and intellectual property portfolio all in an effort to meet our sustainable packaging goals. This helps our customers as they strive to achieve their own sustainability goals,” Tucker said.


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