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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  November 3, 2022

Karora Achieves Carbon Neutrality 

Karora Resources Inc. announced that it will achieve carbon neutrality for the second straight year in 2022 for its own operations (Scope 1 emissions) and purchased electricity consumption (Scope 2 emissions) through purchasing and retirement of 95,000 tonnes of verified carbon offset credits. 

The credit retirements form a part of Karora's ongoing carbon emissions reduction and concurrent offset strategy.

The gold mining company is working on additional emissions reduction by analyzing various renewable and hybrid power solutions at Higginsville. Options being considered include grid tie-in analysis and hybrid power solutions that include solar and wind power components. 

Karora is also working with Invert Inc. to set emission reduction targets which will be announced in Q1 2023 as part of Karora's annual ESG report. The targets will include 2030 and 2050 and will outline the GHG reduction impact of the selected power option at Higginsville currently being finalized. Karora plans to evaluate additional GHG reduction opportunities across its operations in 2023.

"After becoming one of the world's first carbon neutral gold producers in 2021, we are committed to continuing to be a leader amongst our peers in actively reducing our carbon emissions and implementing further initiatives in line with our commitment to develop a pathway toward a Net Zero mining future,” said Paul Andre Huet, Chairman & CEO, in a statement. “We believe mining will continue to form the backbone of critical metals delivery in the years to come and we are proud to be leaders in the junior gold mining space.”


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