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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  November 16, 2022

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol 2nd Annual Report

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has published its second annual report, detailing the results for the 2021-22 period (August 1st, 2021-July 31st, 2022). The farm-level, science-based sustainability program reports significant improvements in the sustainability metrics measured; an increase in membership across the value chain; the completion of nine successful pilots; and its growing international recognition by independent and government bodies.

Using peer-to-peer data sharing and aggregated sustainability data provided by the Trust Protocol, its 2021-22 grower members have recorded a 13% increase in land use​ efficiency and a 14% increase in water use efficiency; a 25% reduction in energy use; and a 21% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Download this report to learn how the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is working to fulfill its mission to bring quantifiable and verifiable goals and measurement to the key sustainability metrics of U.S. cotton production:



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