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Sourcing Renewables  -  December 5, 2022

JetBlue Signs MOU for SAF

JetBlue and Fidelis New Energy announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide JetBlue at least 92 million gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Fidelis’ Grön Fuels GigaSystem™ at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge in Louisiana. 

The SAF is expected to be delivered over the five-year term with a targeted start date of 2025.

Fidelis’ negative carbon intensity SAF is helping JetBlue advance toward its goal to reach 10% of its total fuel usage as SAF on a blended basis by 2030. The SAF from the Grön Fuels GigaSystem is designed to achieve negative lifecycle carbon intensity by integrating carbon capture & sequestration (CCS) and biomass energy with CCS (BECCS).

The Grön Fuels GigaSystem will produce an estimated 1 billion gallons per year (65,000 barrels per day) of sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, and other low-carbon products. Grön Fuels further enhances its efficiency and industry-leading carbon intensity by capturing waste process heat to generate power, producing biogas from byproducts and using its highly flexible processing capabilities to produce carbon-negative SAF from a wide array of existing and emerging low-carbon intensity feedstocks.

“JetBlue is proud of our work to champion a more sustainable aviation industry and fly regularly using SAF today. But with SAF being less than 1% of our total fuel usage, we need significantly more supply to reach our 2040 net zero target,” said Sara Bogdan, director of sustainability and environmental social governance, JetBlue in a statement. “With partners like Fidelis and their carbon-negative Grön Fuels GigaSystem, we are not only supplying our own growing SAF needs, we’re sending a powerful signal that significant demand for SAF exists. By introducing negative carbon intensity SAF to our network, we are also taking steps towards reaching true carbon neutrality as an airline.”


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