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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  January 25, 2023

VINCI Concessions Partners For Hydrogen Mobility Project

VINCI Concessions, a global player in transport infrastructure development and management, made an investment to develop a hydrogen mobility platform.

The company announced the completion of a €15 million investment in Hype, the developer behind France’s first integrated hydrogen mobility platform and an operator of a large hydrogen taxi fleet, according to an announcement

Alongside this investment, VINCI Concessions and Hype have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility infrastructure in France and around the world.

As part of this partnership, Hype will task VINCI Energies with building new hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure in the Greater Paris area. In total, 26 refuelling stations with locally produced hydrogen – including 20 with a capacity of 1 ton per day – are expected to open for public use in the next three years.

VINCI Concessions will leverage its resources to help Hype deploy its network of stations in other regions across France and further afield, including by drawing on VINCI Energies’ expertise in hydrogen.

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