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Commercial, Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions  -  February 1, 2023

BrightView Adds Hybrid, Electric Vehicles

BrightView, a commercial landscaping services company, converted about 400 vehicles to hybrid or electric and deployed around 1,000 battery powered, zero-emission handheld equipment units.

Details were provided in its 2023 ESG Report, highlighting progress toward achieving its environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG) goals and commitments. 

“Reflecting on fiscal year 2022, I am extremely proud of our team’s progress amid an increasingly challenging and dynamic environment. We’ve taken important steps on our journey to becoming carbon neutral by 2035, building a diverse and engaged workforce, and continuing to operate with integrity,” said Andrew Masterman, BrightView President and CEO in a statement. “Supporting our team members, inspiring communities, and nurturing landscapes is at the heart of what we do every day at BrightView. I believe our purposeful ESG strategy positions us for continued success, while supporting our clients’ sustainability objectives.”

To further inform and focus the Company’s ESG strategy, BrightView commissioned a materiality assessment to identify ESG topics of the greatest importance to its customers, vendors, team members, and investors. Moving forward, the Company plans to use the study’s insights to proactively engage with all stakeholder groups.



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