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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  June 2, 2023

SOLE Empowers Shoppers to Make Sustainable Choices

SOLE, a custom-moldable insole company, announced sustainability initiatives designed to promote transparency and authenticity in the footwear and fashion industries.

The footwear industry generates 700 million tons of GHG emissions annually. With consumers demonstrating a growing interest in sustainability, SOLE believes that providing accurate information is the next step in empowering today’s shoppers to make choices that benefit the environment.

In its new Sustainability Report, SOLE provides shoppers with a clear understanding of each insole’s environmental impact so they can make informed purchase decisions. The report features a comprehensive overview of each footbed’s ingredients, along with the percentage of recycled materials. It also provides visibility into the product’s entire carbon footprint, including the energy required to produce, transport, and even heat mold the footbeds in your oven at home.

The company also implemented major initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including launching ReCORK™ in 2008, which has become North America’s largest cork recycling program, and investing in the development of fully recyclable, carbon-negative composite materials using natural recycled cork through ReCORK™.

This material will be introduced in their upcoming launch of new styles of cork sandals and insoles, along with a program to achieve full circularity for SOLE.

Highlights are detailed in its Sustainability Report, which unveils the carbon-negative insole made from recycled natural cork.

“This is about doing business in a way that makes us feel proud, and helping our customers make decisions that align with their priorities. Many of our customers recreate outdoors and care deeply about how our actions impact the natural world. Their concerns matter, and we’re determined to show that we take them seriously,” commented Mike Baker, SOLE Founder and CEO, in a statement.

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