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Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 16, 2024

Rivian Automotive Collaborates on RE Projects 

Rivian Automotive entered into an agreement to collaborate on the development of renewable energy resources to meet the automaker’s environmental priorities.

The agreement was signed with Galehead Development, LLC, which will develop solar projects with specific consideration for Rivian’s “3C” Framework. 

The 3C Framework is a procurement standard that commits Rivian to sourcing renewable energy from projects that have a measurable positive impact on climate, environmental conservation and local communities and was launched by Rivian in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy in 2023.

Galehead will use LandCommand®, its proprietary market intelligence technology, to adapt Rivian’s 3C Framework into development campaigns and new projects. This process will allow Rivian to influence the earliest upstream phase of project development. 

“By partnering with Galehead to develop projects from the ground up, we maximize the full value of each megawatt of renewable energy we add to the grid, while simplifying the path to an off-take agreement,” says Erik Nielsen, Senior Manager of Energy Sourcing at Rivian, in a statement. “This is a model we hope can be widely adopted to enable more projects with the greatest potential for positive system-wide climate, conservation, and community impact.”

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