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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar  -  May 21, 2024

Holcim Builds Net Zero Cement Plant in Belgium

Holcim broke ground at its GO4ZERO plant, which is engineered to produce 2 million tons of net-zero cement annually by 2029 in Obourg, Belgium. 

The company will invest over €500 million for the GO4ZERO project to advance decarbonization. 

“By advancing decarbonization as a driver of profitable growth, Holcim is on course to make net-zero cement and concrete a reality at scale this decade,” said Miljan Gutovic, CEO Holcim Group, in a statement. “GO4ZERO is one of our six large-scale, European Union-supported carbon capture, utilization and storage projects. These aim to capture a total of over 5 million tons of CO₂ per annum, enabling us to offer over 8 million tons of fully decarbonized cement each year across Europe by 2030.”

According to Holcim, the GO4ZERO project transforms cement manufacturing at every stage of the process. Over 95% of its energy will be sourced from alternative fuels, while over 30% of it raw mix will come from partly decarbonized alternative raw materials — predominantly waste generated by other industries. 

The plant will cut CO2 emissions by 30% as early as 2027 and will also operate Europe’s largest installation of floating solar panels. 

Holcim is partnering with Air Liquide on the project with €230 million in support from the Innovation Fund, which is financed by revenues from the EU Emissions Trading System.

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