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Energy Storage, GHG Emissions, Utilities, Solar  -  June 3, 2024

Burbank Water and Power Adds Battery, Solar

Burbank Water and Power (BWP) announced the addition of a 75-kW/500-kWh long-duration energy storage (LDES) system at its EcoCampus. 

The ESS iron flow battery system was installed and connected to a 265-kW solar array. Once fully operational, it will provide power equivalent to the consumption of about 300 homes and will demonstrate the role of iron flow technology in a renewable, resilient energy system.

The LDES project was installed by ESS Tech, Inc., a manufacturer of systems for commercial and utility-scale energy storage applications.

“This project represents a major step toward achieving our goal of 100% carbon free power by 2040,” said Mandip Samra, General Manager of BWP, in a statement. “The Energy Warehouse battery will enable our team to gain experience with iron flow long-duration energy storage technology which will be a linchpin of the renewable grid of the future.”

LDES will play a critical role in achieving California’s decarbonization goal of 100% zero-emission electricity by 2045. The California Energy Storage Alliance estimates that the state will need 13,571 MW of LDES by 2028 to integrate intermittent renewable energy and optimize assets for a cleaner, more affordable and reliable grid.

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