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Canadian Pacific to source fuel cells for hydrogen-powered locomotive

Canadian Pacific (CP) announced March 9 that it will be receiving 1.2 MW of electricity for its locomotive by employing fuel cell modules from Ballard Power Systems for its Hydrogen Locomotive Program.The transcontinental railway operator plans to develop North America’s first hydrogen-powered Read More...

Sierra Northern Railway Switches to Zero-Emissions

Sierra Northern Railway announced that it will use hydrogen fuel cell modules from Ballard Power Systems for its upcoming zero-emission switching locomotive."We are pleased to partner with this great team to build and test this innovative zero-emission switching locomotive. We believe this project w Read More...

Microsoft To Use Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Data Centers

Microsoft’s data centers will receive backup power in a new three-year project through a collaboration with Caterpillar Inc. and Ballard Power Systems. The project will demonstrate a power system incorporating large-format hydrogen fuel cells to produce reliable and sustainable backup pow Read More...

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