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Better Buildings 2018 Progress Report

The 2018 Better Buildings Annual Progress Report highlights accomplishments, strategies, and solutions in the commercial, industrial, residential, and public sectors to improve energy productivity.More than 350 Better Buildings Challenge partners have saved more than $3 billion since the program beg Read More...

Chesapeake College: On-Campus Solar Energy and Storage

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized Better Buildings Challenge partner Chesapeake College for energy efficiency advances made throughout its Wye Mills, Maryland campus. The college has reduced its energy intensity by 24% since 2011, reaching its Better Buildings Challe Read More...

2023 Better Buildings Progress Report

Each year, DOE releases an annual report with key findings, updates, and metrics from the Better Buildings Initiative. Year over year, Better Climate Challenge and Better Buildings Challenge partners are pursuing ambitious GHG, energy, water, and waste reduction goals, and sharing their pr Read More...

Overview: Renewable Energy Certificates

A new guide, “Overview: Renewable Energy Certificates” provided by the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Climate Challenge, presents information for the U.S. renewable energy market.A renewable energy certificate (REC), also known as a renewable energy credit or a green tag, is a tradab Read More...

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