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United Airlines launches commercial flights using sustainable biofuel

...el’s otherwise recently checkered past. The biofuels industry has taken heat for using food (c...ncrease food prices. Life-cycle assessment of the biofuels manufacturing process has also called the...onsibility and environmental criteria.   Read More...

Lockheed Martin integrates energy portfolio into single commercial business

Technology company and defense contractor Lockheed Martin combined its energy products and technologies into a single commercial business line that will be called Lockheed Martin Energy.The company is looking to compete in several energy and power related sectors:Energy Management: Systems Read More...

Interface Americas manufacturing sites are using 96% renewable energy, biofuel

Modular carpet manufacturing company Interface  said May 4 that its North American manufacturing sites now operated using 96% renewable energy, including a notable amount of directed biogas. The milestone, Interface said in a news release, represents progress on its"mission Read More...

United Airlines named among 6 global industry leaders in biofuel use

..., which rates airlines on the sourcing and use of biofuels, it listed Air France/Royal Dutch Ai... indicated a commitment to adopting aviation biofuels. The group received responses from 1...nbsp;received responses from 19 of those 29.  Read More...

Minnesota asks electric customers: Solar or biofuel?

Electricity regulators in a small Minnesota city are taking new approach to clean energy planning, according to the local newspaper. Faced with determining the best type of new renewable energy generation for the community, the Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission will begin mailing surveys Read More...

BP makes $30M investment in biofuel company

BP Plc has made a $30 million investment in Fulcrum BioEnergy, a company that develops and produces of low-carbon jet fuel.The company on Nov. 8 announced the creation of a strategic partnership between Fulcrum and its BP Ventures and Air BP businesses. As an equity investor, BP said it se Read More...

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Alaska Airlines makes 1st forest-fueled flight

...latest milestone in Alaska's efforts to promote sustainable biofuels is especially exciting since it is uniquely sourced from the forest residuals in the Pacific Northwest,"Joe Sprague, the company's senior vice president of communications and external relations said in a statement. "NARA's acc Read More...

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