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The Evolution of the California Energy Market: How demand response, management will change the future

..._survey_page:true}}...future. Written by Jennifer Chamberlin, CPower's executive director for the California mar...agement decisions. In painting that picture, CPower outlines how the state's largest electric u Read More...

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The New England Electric Power Market

 This white paper, presented by CPower, explores reasons behind the increasing cost of electricity in the New England electrical power market and what commercial and industrial power customers can do to mitigate these cost increases.While ISO New England's mission is system relia Read More...

Webinar: Changing the Energy Management Landscape of Commercial Real Estate

...the webinar replay here....Michael Mindell, National Account Executive with CPower Energy Management, and Gregg Fischer, P.E.,...cial real estate.Listen to the webinar replay here Read More...

White paper: Leveraging your generation assets to generate revenue

This white paper, presented by CPower, explores ways to leverage your emergency generation assets to promote sustainability, reinforce grid reliability, and generate revenue for your company. Learn how energy generation (EG) provides an opportunity to earn revenue and save on energy costs throu Read More...

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Webinar: Leverage Your Generator Assets to Generate Revenue

This webinar, sponsored by CPower, shows how your emergency generation—EG—is both a reliability asset and a revenue generator. EG provides a great opportunity to earn revenue and save on energy costs through demand response (DR) and demand management programs.The path from emergency gene Read More...

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Webinar: Go Green, Save Green, Earn Green

While environmental sustainability continues to grow as a central component of the commitment to addressing global climate change by universities and colleges, energy managers at these institutions face significant challenges. In this webinar, CPower experts Leigh Anne Ratliff and Phi Read More...

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Monetizing Energy Assets for Data Centers

Data centers are in demand as the growth of cloud computing and the subsequent challenge of powering big data has led to a data center construction boom. This white paper, presented by CPower, offers a complete guide to how these data centers can earn revenue with demand-side energy management.Data Read More...

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2019 State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America

...ysis of the issues and trends the experts at CPower feel organizations like yours need to ...r decisions about your energy use and spend. CPower has taken the pain out of painstaking ...rkets with a unique vision for the future.Download Read More...

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White paper: Demand-Side Energy Management in the U.S. Manufacturing Industrial Sector

2019 marks the 10th straight year of economic growth in the U.S. and the country’s industrial manufacturing sector continues to put up hefty performance numbers. This white paper from CPower warns that despite the boom, there is cause for the sector to be concerned about the future.This r Read More...

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Leveraging Energy Assets to Help Sustain Resilience in the Healthcare Sector

...degradation or interruption. This white paper, presented by CPower, focuses on ways that these same behind-the-meter energy assets can provide significant savings, generate important revenue, and maximize the return on your investments.Download Read More...
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Report: 2020 State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America

...d-Side Energy Management in North America book by CPower’s energy experts. This year, CPower’s energy experts. This year, CPower picks up where they left off with a market-...:161, post_to_survey_page:true}}    Read More...

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