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Meat producer inks energy management deal

Dallas-based Standard Meat Company has entered into a new agreement for an energy management solution that includes onsite generation and renewable energy credits. The meat producer, processor and seller expects to better manage its electricity costs and quantity risk through the agreement Read More...

H-E-B installs backup power systems in Houston

A Texas-based grocery retailer announced July 12 its partnership with a local microgrid company to create an on-site natural gas generator system to power its stores when its utility service is down.The project will initially provide backup power to H-E-B stores in the Houston area, with the hope of Read More...

Resilience is becoming an absolute necessity

Resilience is often referred to as succeeding despite hardship. In human terms, it is the ability to shake off injury, persevere in the face of adversity, and generally recover from setbacks. In an energy context, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission defines resiliency as: "the ability to w Read More...

White paper: Reinventing Electrical Resiliency - Power Failure and Your Business

This white paper, presented by Enchanted Rock, begins with the warning that as the electric grid becomes more vulnerable to disturbances, organizations must be able to endure, minimize, and recover from disruptive power outages.The report discusses a variety of risks to electric infrastructure to de Read More...

A Comparison of Fuel Choice for Backup Generators

With increasing severe weather events and disasters triggering greater numbers of costly power outages, there is a growing interest in generators for reliable backup power.  As businesses consider backup generators and systems, this research, sponsored by Enchanted Rock, discusses the Read More...

The Affordable Microgrid: Securing Electric Reliability through Outsourcing

Microgrids are an integral part of any pre-emptive storm hardening or business resiliency planning. Universities, business parks, research institutions, manufacturers and hospitals are but a few examples of enterprises deeply dependent on reliable electricity that are now turning to microgrids to en Read More...

Houston expands resiliency at water purification plant

The City of Houston announced Aug. 19 a new natural gas-power microgrid project that will provide electrical resiliency for its Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion facility.The microgrid system will be provided by Enchanted Rock and will provide backup for 100% of the required finis Read More...

Decarbonized Resilience - The Brattle Group Report

A critical question facing facility and plant operators of large energy usage manufacturers is whether the same level of local community resilience provided by diesel backup generators can be achieved through economical microgrid alternatives that are more consistent with clean energy goals.In this Read More...

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