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Georgetown University Partnership Boosts Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Goals

Georgetown University is boosting its conservation and utility management efforts through a partnership with ENGIE North America. Together, these efforts will improve energy efficiency, help the university achieve ambitious sustainability goals, and positively impact students, faculty, and the commu Read More...

Georgetown University’s New Residence Hall Uses Low-Carbon Concrete

Georgetown University has announced that its 55 H Street Residence hall will be the first major construction project in Washington D.C. to use ECOpact low-carbon concrete. This concrete mix will decrease the hall’s embodied carbon by 40%, helping it to achieve its goal of surpassing LEED V4 Pl Read More...

Georgetown University Passes Utility Management Off to Increase Efficiency

Georgetown University announced July 1 a new energy partnership that will help it reach its goal to reduce overall energy use intensity by 35% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.The university closed on an agreement with Georgetown Energy Partners (GEP), owned by ENGIE North America and Axium Inf Read More...

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