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IBM cuts annual energy use by 5.3%

...ables purchased, according to the report.... of more than 2,000 energy conservation projects, IBM saw an estimated savings of $50.7 million, acc...d carbon emissions savings of 83,000 metric tons, IBM says.Out of all its 2016 energy conservation p Read More...

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IBM, NextEra win bid for 6 MW Colorado solar project

...outlined in 2016," Eves said in a statement. ...ity through its Large Solar*Rewards program. IBM, in partnership with NextEra, will build the g...ound-mounted, solar tracking array on 54 acres of IBM property that was formerly being farmed; the f Read More...

IBM sets next generation goals

...ed the company more than $616 million.  ...o;s global businesses.In a post from the company, IBM stated its goal to procure 55% of the electric...stated its goal to procure 55% of the electricity IBM consumes globally from renewable supplies by 2 Read More...

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IBM cut energy use 4.5%, CO2 emissions 11.1% in 2019

... optimize clean energy use at locations worldwide....issions by 40% between 2005 and 2025; as of 2019, IBM has reduced CO2 emissions by 39.7% since 2005....educed CO2 emissions by 39.7% since 2005.In 2019, IBM implemented energy conservation projects that Read More...

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IBM's DER Project Risk Evaluation Framework

...ects of IBM's energy usage around the world. ...ect’s financial impact is very important to IBM, we need to assess a DER project’s impac...roject have any safety risks?Like many companies, IBM puts safety first and will only work with tech Read More...
Author: Jay Paidipati, IBM
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IBM pledges net zero emissions by 2030

...erns and developing new carbon capture can be reduced are dealt with."I am proud that IBM is leading the way by taking actions to signif... Krishna, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at IBM, said in a statement. "The climate crisis is o Read More...

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IBM Plans Energy Saving Improvements at Four Sites

...IBM’s ambitious sustainability plans.”...ry year.In order to implement these enhancements, IBM signed a $2.2 million Sustainable Energy Servi...y Wilson, Manager, Global Energy and Environment, IBM, said in a statement, "IBM has been focused on Read More...

IBM Releases Progress Toward 2030 Net-Zero Goal of delivered work with each new server upgrade....duce emissions 65% between 2010 and 2025.In 2020, IBM implemented nearly 1,400 energy conservation p....In pursuit of its renewable energy goal, in 2020 IBM sourced 59.3% renewable electricity, surpassin Read More...

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IBM - Continuing to make a positive environmental impact

...arnegie Mellon University.... much of the environmental discussion. Based upon IBM’s early attention to climate change, we ...Fifteen years ago, in 2007, we published a formal IBM position on climate change — calling for Read More...
Author: Wayne Balta, IBM
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IBM Updates 2030 Goals

...or Environmental Affairs and Product Safety. zero GHG emissions by 2030 with the release of IBM Impact, a new framework for the company's envi...p;The company will procure 75% of the electricity IBM consumes worldwide from renewable sources by 2 Read More...

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Case Study: IBM and Lendlease Leverage Green Leasing as Tenants to Achieve Net-Zero

...rsquo;s (DOE) Better Buildings Alliance highlight IBM and Lendlease, who were recognized for their g...ere recognized for their green leasing as tenants.IBM recognizes that the built environment is a transactions and lease contracts that IBM undertakes need to be evaluated through t Read More...

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