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Washington Blazes a Trail for State Action on Energy Efficiency

Washington State recently became the first state to adopt an existing building performance standard, putting it at the forefront of all states in addressing energy efficiency in buildings. This blazes a trail that other states are likely to follow. Here’s what you need to know.Signed by Govern Read More...

Green Lease Leader: Green Leasing Spurs Efficiency Improvements in Cleveland Businesses and City Building

With a green, high-performance lease, landlords and tenants can better work together to save money and lock in smarter, more efficient operation of buildings. Since its inception in 2014, the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and  the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Be Read More...

Green Lease Leaders: How Industrial Building Owners Use the Lease to Optimize Sustainable Business Practices

As building efficiency efforts have progressed to more advanced and holistic approaches to meet ambitious climate and sustainability goals, green leases have evolved as well to enable their achievement. The newest edition of IMT and the DOE’s Better Buildings Alliance’s case study series Read More...

Stronger Together: Efficiency With Instead of Efficiency First

As the demand for climate action continues to ramp up, more cities, businesses, and utilities are discussing their decarbonization strategies for the years ahead. However, achieving a fully decarbonized energy system is a colossal task, requiring revolutionary innovation in engineering, business mod Read More...

Stronger Together: Why Efficiency with Electrification Catalyzes Systems Change

In the late-2010s, the “electrify everything” movement emerged as a long-term solution to the ever-growing carbon emissions of the U.S. The movement aims to convert fossil fuel-based elements of our daily lives—how we power our cars, how we heat our water for our daily showers and Read More...

Stronger Together: Systemic Efficiency through Demand Management

Most conversations around clean energy are focused on what type of energy we are using, but to fully decarbonize our economy, we also need to address when energy is used. The timing of energy consumption is critical because renewable energy sources typically have periods when they are more and less Read More...

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