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Kohler Co. announces 100-megawatt wind power investment

...ected to begin operations by the end of this year....ectricity purchased from this project is equal to Kohler’s total U.S. and Canadian annual one component of a comprehensive strategy Kohler has created to achieve its overall goa Read More...

RESF Fall presentation: Kohler's journey in RE sourcing

...To download the presentation, click here:Download...han Nissen, principal engineer, sustainability at Kohler Co., in conversation with Hans Royal, ...gic renewables, Schneider Electric, explores Kohler's sustainability initiatives, including the Read More...

Kohler Plans Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power System

...cipating in the conversation alongside our peers."... fuels, including the integration of HVO fuels at Kohler's Brest, France, facility for generating diesel while delivering a 10% reduction in NOx.Kohler also announced its enhanced collaboration w Read More...

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