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Views from the top: Inside Microsoft's corporate energy strategy with Brian Janous

...tly launched Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, or REBA, whose mission has emerged in two parts: One,...orate energy management and involvement with REBA, Smart Energy Decisions recently spoke with J...anous to get his take on Microsoft's mission with REBA and learn more about the company's strategy f Read More...
Author: Amy Poszywak
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Public-private sector coalition takes on thermal energy

A large group of manufacturers including Mars Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and General Motors Co., has joined government and environmental organizations in launching an effort to increase options for access to sustainable, cost-competitive renewable thermal energy. The Renewable Thermal Read More...

Facebook, Google, GM, Walmart and more to drive 60 gigawatts of corporate renewables

...d to launch the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA), the largest group of corporate renewable en...rell, head of Energy Market Strategy, Google, and REBA's first board chair. “REBA's visio...Google, and REBA's first board chair. “REBA's vision of tomorrow's energy marketplace is Read More...

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Supply choice and utility programs are key to increasing C&I RE, report finds

...enewable energy integration....programs and renewable energy portfolio standards.REBA’s Renewable Energy Policy Pathways repo...quo; Bryn Baker, director of policy innovation at REBA, said in a statement. “The economic dev Read More...

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36 top energy buyers call for clean energy transformation

...rganized by the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) and calls for the new Biden administration t...obally by 2035. The federal policies put forth by REBA will enable growth in renewable energy and pr...nt to 80% of total capacity installed in the U.S. REBA claims that 250 global businesses have commit Read More...

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