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University of Michigan signs PPA for 50% of campus power

The University of Michigan has committed to purchase approximately 200,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually beginning in 2021. The deal puts the University on track to reduce GHG emissions significantly by powering about half of the purchased electricity for the Ann Arbor campus with Mich Read More...

New report finds solutions for cities to overcome energy transition hurdles

A new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), the University of Michigan and Sierra Club found that cities and states bear most the burden of implementing clean energy policies and in order to reach their targets they must invest more money, build more expertise and garner more sup Read More...

U-M Soon to Run on 50% Renewable Energy

The University of Michigan’s Office of Sustainability has announced that local renewable energy companies will soon provide the university with half its electricity needs. By the end of 2021, the university is projected to reduce its GHG emissions by 25% since 2011 - achieving its 2025 goal fo Read More...

University of Michigan Sets Carbon Neutrality Plan

The University of Michigan committed May 20 to achieving carbon neutrality campus-wide.The Ann Arbor-based university plans to reach this target by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, increasing its geothermal heating and cooling projects, implementing electric buses on campus, creating a revolvi Read More...

University of Michigan Invests in Projects to Lower GHG 

The University of Michigan announces an initial $5 million investment in energy conservation measures that will reduce GHG emissions by adding LED lighting projects and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning improvements across the campuses.The projects are funded by a central revolving energy f Read More...

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