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Demand Management, Energy Storage, Industrial, Regulation, Utilities  -  February 25, 2016

Energy Storage North America highlights SoCalEd accomplishments

In a new video produced by Energy Storage North America — which puts on one of the largest gathering of policy, technology and market leaders in energy storage — the group highlights the accomplishments of Edison International's largest subsidiary, Southern California Edison.

Legislators and policymakers in California set the energy storage stage years ago with the passing of AB 2514, which requires the California Public Utilities Commission to facilitate utility storage procurement goals. In response, Southern California Edison pioneered a leading grid-storage strategy that evaluates energy storage on a head-to-head basis with all other energy resources.

In November of 2014, SoCal Ed announced they would procure more than 260 MW of energy storage. It was, at the time, a landmark decision. 


This year’s event is being held in San Diego, Calif., from Oct. 4 to Oct. 6. 

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