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Exelon looks to 200-MW Ohio wind facility as it plans nuclear retirements

Power and utility giant Exelon Corp. is reportedly planning to build a 200-MW wind project in Ohio.

According to a report from Platts, the company, which for years fought against the extension of the most commonly used federal tax credit for wind generation projects, recently filed a pre-application notice through its Exelon Wind subsidiary with the Ohio Power Siting Board for the project. Exelon, which is the largest owner of nuclear generation assets in the U.S., was removed from the American Wind Energy Association's board in 2012 for its"vocal opposition to extending the [production tax credit]," according to Politico. 

Platts quoted spokeswoman Kristin Otterness as saying Exelon was "in the early stages" of developing the wind project. 

A number of Exelon's unregulated nuclear generation facilities have been operating under financial distress in recent years as newer, more efficient natural gas and wind generation have made their power uneconomic in the wholesale electricity market. After working for years to drum up financial support from lawmakers and regulators for its Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants, whose combined  capacity is close to 3,000 MW, Exelon on June 22 said it formally notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of its intent to retire them. 

"We worked for more than two years to find a solution, but now it is time to take the necessary steps to retire the plants,” Chris Crane, Exelon's president and CEO said in a news release. 
Quad Cities and Clinton have lost a combined $800 million in the past seven years, Exelon said. 
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