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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  August 10, 2016

Norfolk Southern reports energy, emissions reductions

Transportation giant Norfolk Southern Corp. on Aug. 9 outlined a series of accomplishments aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The company, which owns Norfolk Southern Railway Company and is a major U.S. transporter of coal, automotive and industrial products, said improving energy use at its facilities is a key area of focus among its broader sustainability goals. In its new online sustainability report, Norfolk Southern said it generated 6% fewer emissions from purchased electricity sources in 2015 and completed lighting upgrade projects at 31 railroad facilities expected to generate annual energy and maintenance savings of $2.1 million. 

"Across our network, we’re upgrading facilities with more energy-efficient lighting and other technologies to make them smarter, greener, and less expensive to operate, " Corporate Sustainability Officer Bruno Maestri  wrote in the report.  "Our $53-million energy-conversion project at Juniata Locomotive Shop is a good example. With facilities across 22 states, this is a major undertaking that requires identification, prioritization, and investment. It won't happen all at once, but we are committed to the task and focused on making progress, one step at a time."

The company also outlined emissions reduction initiatives. Amonrng them, Norfolk Southern said it has rolled out a new class of low-emission locomotives at rail yards in Atlanta and Chicago; introduced a customer plug-in engine heating system at rail yards that reduces unnecessary locomotive idling in cold weather; and adopted a five-year goal to improve locomotive fuel efficiency, which will contribute to the company's goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Norfolk Southern's full report is available on its website

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