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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Regulation  -  April 3, 2018

Apple, IKEA, Tesla among climate policy leaders

Apple, Ikea, Tesla, and Unilever are among the top 20 companies cited in the “A-List of Climate Policy Engagement” report of those leading in strategic lobbying for the ambitions of the Paris Agreement around the world.

According to a report by Edie, the highest-performing companies are those advocating for strong and ambitious policies aiming to reduce GHG emissions. The leading companies, ranked by InfluenceMap, “must showcase sectoral leadership, be vocal in calling for ambitious policies and must align these calls with their own strategic activities.”

Apple, with a total score of 94, was chosen, in part, for their strong renewables policy in the U.S. and elsewhere. Tesla was cited for “advocating strongly for EV policy.”  IKEA’s strategic mission to advocate for climate policy on a global basis was highlighted in the report. Unilever was lauded for the involvement of Paul Polman, chief executive, in providing a strong message and stance towards climate action.

In addition to the top 20, an additional list of “20 in Contention” is included, featuring Microsoft, Nissan, and Walmart. InfluenceMap expects to update the list bi-annually.


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