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Energy Storage, Utilities  -  December 11, 2019

NYC installs largest battery storage system to date

New York City is celebrating the launch of its new 4.8 MW battery storage system, the largest battery system in the city to date.

The 16.4 MWh in-front-of-the-meter battery system was installed by Enel X and Related Companies at Related’s Gateway Center shopping mall in Brooklyn and will support Con Edison’s local grid in periods of high peak demand.

“New York is a complex, densely-populated market in continuous growth, which requires innovative technologies to address evolving energy challenges,” Francesco Venturini, head of Enel X, said in a statement. “Storage systems, like this one, are among the critical tools that can help take on these challenges, by increasing energy systems’ flexibility and stability.”

The Gateway Center project has already delivered 100 MWh of stored electricity to the local grid. With the installation of this project, the city makes strides toward Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s goal of implementing 3,000 MW of energy storage by 2030.

Enel X signed a lease agreement with Related, a global real estate firm, who assisted them in installing and connecting Enel’s storage system to Con Edison’s grid. Developers of the project hope it will pave the way for similar energy projects through space leasing real-estate structures.

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