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Commercial  -  December 15, 2020

Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance releases nine core principles for widespread adoption

The 21 members of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance released Dec. 15 a set of fleet electrification principles to provide guidance on transitioning fleets across sectors and advancing the electric vehicle market.

The group was formed by sustainability nonprofit Ceres in January 2020 and includes members such as Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy, DHL, Exelon, IKEA, Siemens, National Grid and Uber. All the member companies share a common goal of transitioning their own vehicle fleets and are committed to encouraging auto and truck manufacturers, regulators, policymakers and utilities to do their part for the transition.

“There is wide consensus across the business community that the future of transportation must be electric, but that barriers to this critical and necessary transition persist.” Sara Forni, senior manager of clean vehicles at Ceres, said in a statement. “That’s why the work of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance to break down those barriers and outline the principles that each EV stakeholder group must follow to improve market, regulatory, and policy conditions is so timely and important. It signals the needs of companies and lays out a clear vision for the future of commercial vehicles.”

The nine principles outlined by the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance explain criteria that would support the electrification of on-road transportation and logistics fleets and networks. The nine principles are:

  1. Greater variety and volume of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) model options
  2. Access to cost-effective charging infrastructure and flexible rates
  3. More transparency on new model release timing and availability
  4. Upfront cost parity with ICE vehicles
  5. Integrated access to renewable energy
  6. Improved coordination with and support from electric power companies and utility regulators
  7. Strategically sited and widely available charging infrastructure
  8. Technology interoperability and streamlined charging standards
  9. Employee commute & regional transportation decarbonization
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