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Energy Efficiency, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 15, 2021

Bromley Mountain Ski Resort furthers sustainability plans with solar array

Bromley Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont announced on Feb. 11 that it plans to add a 615-kW solar project. The resort has implemented several sustainability initiatives over the last two decades, including energy efficiency upgrades to its buildings and snowmaking activities. The new project will generate clean, locally generated solar power and help Bromley reach its sustainability goals.

Encore Renewable Energy will develop the project, while Sunwealth will own and operate the system. The arrangement will allow Bromley Mountain Resort to secure the social, environmental and economic benefits of attaining significant portions of their electrical demand from clean, renewable resources with zero money out of pocket.

“This partnership with Encore will allow the Sun Mountain to fully live up to its name with a new solar array. In addition to advancing our investment in sustainability, it also comes with the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint,” Bill Cairns, president/GM of Bromley Moment Resort, said in a statement.

Construction will begin on the project this winter and the project is expected to be completed before summer 2021.

Bromley Mountain is no stranger to sustainability and has long been a leader when it comes to green power in the Green Mountains with its strong commitment to energy conservation. Since 2000, Bromley has adopted almost every available energy efficiency technology in snowmaking. It continues to implement energy efficiency measures which recently included an upgraded snowmaking pump-house system with new, state-of-the-art Variable Frequency Drive motors.

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