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Energy Efficiency, Solar  -  March 12, 2021

Nashville approves construction of 3.2 MW of solar power

The Nashville, Tenn., Metro Council unanimously voted last week to allow the installation of 9,777 solar panels at three water treatment plants that will bring 3.2 MW of generation capacity to the city.

The vote supports another previous ordinance requiring the city to source 35% renewable energy by 2025, 2.5% of which must be solar. All of the city’s energy must be sourced from renewables by 2041, and 10% of that must come from solar power.

The new solar panels will be installed at the Central, Whites Creek, and Omohundro Metro Water Services treatment plants.

“Metro Council’s unanimous approval of this project affirms our commitment to making Nashville healthier and more sustainable,” Mayor John Cooper said in a statement. “Solar power is an important source of affordable, clean energy that will help our city reach our renewable energy goal while addressing a major cause of climate change.”

Mayor Cooper and the Metro Council worked together last year to modernize Nashville’s building codes for better energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. It is expected that the upgrades will reduce energy use in new homes by up to 30%, which could result in net lifetime utility savings of $8,034 for Nashville homeowners.

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