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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  April 16, 2021

Facebook Reaches Net Zero and 100% RE Across Global Operations

Facebook announced April 15 that all its global operations are now supported by 100% renewable energy and that it has achieved its net zero emissions. 

The tech giant achieved its renewable energy goals through $8 billion in investments into 63 new wind and solar projects since 2011, making it one of the largest corporate buyers of renewable energy. Currently, the company is under contracts for more than 6 GW of renewable energy projects across 18 states and five countries, where the projects are located on the same grid as their data centers. The company contracted 1 GW of that power and brought 2 GW online in 2020 alone.

“We will continue to contract for new renewable energy projects to ensure that our global operations remain supported by 100 percent renewable energy as our business grows,” Urvi Parekh, Facebook’s director of renewable energy, wrote in a statement. “We remain committed to innovative solutions that increase the amount of renewable energy on electricity grids around the world, including energy storage. This year alone, we’ve already announced 720 MWh of new energy storage projects paired to solar power plants.”

Facebook first made its commitment to achieving net zero emissions in 2018. Going forward, the company set a new goal to reach net zero emissions in its value chain as well by 2030, addressing emissions from things like suppliers, business travel, and employee commuting.

To achieve its new target, Facebook plans to leverage its Responsible Supply Chain program and invest in carbon removal projects. 

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