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April 29, 2021

Duke Energy to Triple Renewable Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions

Duke Energy plans to triple the amount of renewable energy it produces from company power plants and to reduce carbon emissions by the end of the decade. Currently, 7% of their company-owned electrical output is from wind, solar, and hydroelectric plants. That figure is expected to reach 23% by 2030. The announcement came on April 28 with the release of Duke Energy’s 15th Sustainability Report.

"Duke Energy has a clear line of sight to reduce our carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 and is making terrific progress to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We're already a leader in our industry when it comes to low-carbon intensity. This next decade will also be our biggest ever for incorporating thousands of megawatts of new renewable energy generation into our portfolio," said Katherine Neebe, Duke Energy's vice president, national engagement & strategy, chief sustainability officer and president, Duke Energy Foundation, in a statement.

Wind and solar projects are currently under construction in Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. The company will also add 280 MW of pumped storage hydro capacity in South Carolina. A total of 35% of Duke Energy’s total electrical output in 2020 came in the form of carbon-free generation from six nuclear plants in the Carolinas.

On April 27, Duke Energy announced the launch of Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions,  a new commercial brand that unifies products and services offered by several Duke Energy subsidiaries, including Duke Energy Renewables, REC Solar, and Duke Energy One, under one comprehensive brand. 



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