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Energy Efficiency  -  September 17, 2021

Ball Chooses AI Technology to Optimize Energy Efficiency

Ball Corporation will soon be deploying an AI software platform to identify ways to increase its energy efficiency.

The aluminum beverage packaging company will be working with C3 AI Energy Management and C3 AI Ex Machina to integrate IoT data from its global facilities and use it to optimize its carbon emissions reduction strategy.

This initiative will assist Ball in its pursuit of reducing operational emissions by 55% and increasing energy efficiency by 30% between 2017 and 2030. C3’s technology will allow Ball to analyze its energy consumption, utility costs and carbon emissions in real-time.

Plant operators will be able to receive insights into its energy use throughout the day and benchmark plants within their region to ensure practices are in line with industry best practices and governmental regulations.

“We believe sustainability is a collaborative effort between our employees, global partners and key stakeholders, and we are committed to providing low-carbon, infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging to drive our vision for a more circular and sustainable economy,” Adam Shalapin, global sustainability manager at Ball Corporation, said in a statement. “As the leading provider of industrial strength enterprise AI tailored for energy management and sustainability solutions for large scale enterprises, C3 AI’s partnership helps us continue to advance our ambitious sustainability goals.”

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