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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Hydro  -  November 10, 2021

Baker Hughes Invests in Tech to Lower GHG Emissions

Baker Hughes announced it will purchase a 20% stake in Ekona Power to help advance new project development and commercialization such as producing cleaner and lower cost turquoise hydrogen, manufacturing hydrogen with drastically lower carbon dioxide emissions, and technology that can be used to lower GHG emissions in several industries.

This investment from Baker Hughes, a Houston-based energy technology company will enable the following: 

  • Investment will advance development of a novel methane pyrolysis technology platform to produce cleaner and lower cost turquoise hydrogen,
  • Compared to the traditional steam methane reforming process used for producing industrial-scale hydrogen, Ekona’s novel methane pyrolysis process can produce hydrogen with drastically lower carbon dioxide emissions and
  • Technology applicable for multiple markets including refineries, ammonia or chemical plants, as well as natural gas transmission and distribution companies looking to reduce their GHG emissions footprint.

“This strategic investment further demonstrates our commitment to advancing new energy frontiers by accelerating the pace at which novel technologies are being brought to market,” said Rod Christie, executive vice president of turbomachinery and process solutions at Baker Hughes in a statement. “Ekona Power’s methane pyrolysis platform for the production of cleaner and lower cost turquoise hydrogen builds on our growing and diverse portfolio of decarbonization technologies, including blue and green hydrogen, CCUS and emissions management solutions. Through the adoption of this technology, the industry can leverage existing and abundant natural gas reserves to produce lower carbon hydrogen and accelerate its use across the energy value chain.”

Turquoise hydrogen is made from methane using pyrolysis, which is also known as splitting or cracking. Ekona’s methane pyrolysis solution uses combustion and high-speed gas dynamics in a reactor to separate feedstock methane into hydrogen and solid carbon, drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions versus the traditional and prevalent steam methane reforming process. The innovative solution is designed to integrate easily with standard equipment for natural gas and hydrogen applications including carbon separation and hydrogen purification, thus simplifying industrial process integration.

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