Aluminium Norf Signs PPA for German Wind Farms - Smart Energy Decisions

Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  February 3, 2022

Aluminium Norf Signs PPA for German Wind Farms

Aluminium Norf GmbH (Alunorf) will purchase wind energy from five wind farms in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2022 based on a PPA with the energy company ENGIE. The output will be 28 million KwH, depending on wind levels and the output of the turbines. This is enough to fully operate four induction furnaces that supply aluminum can pre-material. 

Alunorf aims to emit up to 30% less CO2 by 2026 compared to 2015. This goal is included as a core objective in its corporate strategy.

"Aluminum is an indispensable basic material for the energy and mobility revolution,” said Michael Wälchli, Technical Managing Director in a statement. “Pre-material casted in Norf is used to make lightweight car body parts and battery foils or components for wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, among other things. We see it as our responsibility to produce the aluminum we need in the most resource-efficient way possible. The key lever for this are Scope 3 emissions which we can massively reduce through better recycling.” He added that the company is also working to improve its Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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